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We are building a condo which will look like an Italian villa.  It will be worth over $1,000,000.  Do you think vertical blinds in the bedrooms would not be appropriate for such an expensive home.  Our other choice is the roman shades.  With the verticals, we would use a cornice board.  With the roman shades, we would not.  I thought, perhaps that the verticals would look more like drapes.  What do you think?

Hello Marsha ,

  Vertical Blinds Would look just fine . However , take a look at the Hunter Douglas "Luminette" . The Luminette is a fine product with a strong track and components . The Luminette is the big sister of the Vertical blind line .
   Roman shades : The Top/Down - Bottom/Up style will allow the user to have privacy control and full view of the outdoors when the top is lowered to your liking . Per say covering only the bottom half of the window and still seeing out with only the the pull cords in line of your view . "Woven Wood" blinds operate same .  
  Drapes : Stationery Side panels can be a nice touch to finishing up a window treatment project . Adding a tie-back -or- buiding a "Bishop Sleeve" to them .


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