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I live in you typical 70 s raised Ranch.  Its only 2200 sq ft but I love my little home.  It came with lime green and yellow plan wall paper in the kitchen which I quickly took down. Today I have a question about my Living/Dinning room L.  When you enter my mid entry home you enter into the foyer and walk up to the living room that is seperated by metal railing.  The room is long and has a fire place at the other end and on the left wall a large picture window this is the front of the house that faces east. The  L  portion of the room is the dining room and it has 1 small window that facts west.  I curretly have a small tv in the corner to the left of the fire place and a couch in the middle of the room slightly angled to face the tv and fire place.  I also have a  big butt  chair (my term for a lg chair that is not quite a love seat) at a slight angle on the right of the fire place.  I also have backing up to the metal raling that separated the stairs from the froom 2 small chairs and 1 small round (plant stand size)  wooden table.  On the wall seperating the living room from the kitchen there is a med sized anitque writing desk.   When you walk up the staire and turn to look a the living room you see the back of the couch. That can t be very welcomeing.  As for the color I was thinking about a tope and install very white crown molding.    I hope I have given you a clear picture.  I look forward to your suggestions.      Thanks so much.  Pam Fisher

Hi Pam,

Thanks for writing.

To start, let's give a good solution for the couch. Put a sofa table (long, narrow table) in back so you walk into that. This is also the perfect place to put tall skinny buffet lamps on either side with a nice floral arangement and old book in the middle. I love a sofa table and it makes a great first impression to the room.

The taupe color always works nice. It warms up a room without overpowering in with color. As far as the crown molding...sounds like a great idea. What you are looking for is thick molding with a high gloss white finish to give it that very white look.

As a side note, I always recommend putting 10% of your wall color into your white ceiling paint. This can be done at most paint stores by simply just asking that. By doing this, you will give the whiote paint a slight tint from your wall color so it blends well and doesn't look so stark white. It will also be a great complement to the white molding.

It sounds like you are well on your way to a great room.

As always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed project to anytime.


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