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Hi...well....I am graduating college in a week and am living at home for a year so that I can save money for grad school.  I want to make some changes in my room mostly because I am starting a new chapter in my life and want a little change, especially since I am not very thrilled about living at home again! I mostly want to stay organized, which has always been a problem for me...I especially have a problem with keeping my clothes neat and putting them away... I also want to completely clean out all of my old stuff, but I have a problem with throwing things out...any advice as to how to do this, and also any cheap and crafty ways to make my room cozier, comforitng, and peaceful? My room is square, a sandy tan color walls, a red daybed with leapord print sheets and comforter.  I have a white desk and dresser with red handles, and a red lamp with leopard shade.  Thought that description could help a little...t hanks a lot for your help!


Hi Kim,

I know all too well of your plight!  It's difficult to hang around your parents place once you're mentally somewhere else.  Let's see what we can do to enliven your space and get you better organized.

First and foremost, clean out the clutter.  Make your own rule here -- "If I haven't worn it/used it/needed it in the last ___ months, then I don't need to keep it."  Then create piles:  one if for donate; one is for store elsewhere and one if for keep.  The donate should be the largest pile.  The smallest should be to store and the "keep" pile should be just the right amount.  

Once you've divided keep from remove, hang all the clothes that you can; create clear plastic boxes for sweaters (so you can see what's in there) purses, shoes, etc. and label the outside.  Use your drawer space wisely too -- organize them as well following your rules.

If possible, paint your walls.  The bed and sheet set sound fine and fun -- but against a white wall -- no way.  You'll be happier with some color around you.  You might consider using a carmel brown (or even a few shades darker) for the walls to set off your red bed and white tables.  

If you're sick of the red and white -- paint your furniture.  It's do-able and may just be the change you're looking for.  


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