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Hi Alicia,

this is Leslie again- thanks for the quick reply but the answer
doesn't really help me. :( I need to know what the dos and donts
are regarding placing rugs underneath coffe tables and sectional
when the rug has a bold border. If I can't center the pattern, maybe
I need to get a carpet without a border? Can the rug go underneath
the couch? Can it surpass the sectional ends? Please help!

Hi Leslie,
The border should not be cut off by a table...the size of the rug should be large enough to fit both the sofa and table (without cutting off edges).

Glass coffee tables are great with designs in the center of rugs.  Place the rug under the couch so the front feet will stabilize it.  If there is a border, that's okay, no problem...borders actually assist in visually "anchoring" the carpet.

The width can be wider than the couch. The depth is important as you should be able to center the coffee table comfortably.  Now, due to this larger size it actually looks more like an actual "carpet" placed on the floor.  Be wary of purchasing a rug that is too small!

Good Luck again,
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID  

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