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My husband and I are in the processing of starting to build and I am trying to picture my new home! I love sectional sofas, but am wondering how it would look in our Living room. It's just a normal square 18x18 room. Are sectionals best for a specific "shaped" room? I don't want it pushed against a wall, would it look out of place sorta in the middle of the room?

Hi Joy,

Yesterday I wrote you this lovely note about your sectional, and then my computer crashed!!  Yikes!  Anywhoodles, regarding your question about sections and placing the pieces "in the middle of the room."  This is called 'floating' furniture and is a GREAT way to pack a wonderful punch of interest in the room.  When furniture is pushed up against a wall, it can 1) tend to make the room smaller, & 2) limit your options for the look and ingress and egress of the room.

Sectionals have always been popular, even though I personally stayed away from them for years... I came back to them as they really do fit a tremendous need and they can totally make a room!

I would totally recommend floating your furniture whenever possible remembering to leave yourself plenty of room (3 feet as per ASID standards) on each end to allow for easy access to seating.

Thank you for writing.

Julie Henry
Julie's Interior Designs
Hackettstown, NJ

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