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Hi i have a neighbour who is into bondage, and she was asking if i knew of any ideas of how to set up a bondage room. im not very good at this sort of thing so i wondered if you had any good ideas. oh and if there is any budget ideas that would be perfect!
I think she would like it sexy bit with a hint of whips n chains sort of thing.
i hope you dont think im wierd!

I deffinately dont thing either of you are wierd!
You will find lots of web sites selling bondage equiptment but they can be very expensive.
Try making your own using a little imagination.
Why not use some cheap metal face cloth/flannel rails or rings and securely fasten with a drill to the wall two at the top and two at the bottom for arms and legs, go down to a D.I.Y. shop and get some chain about 10 or 11 foot which is cheaper and a padlock (but dont loose the key) thread the chains through the rings on the walls and using hand cuffs on the wrists and ankles attatch the chains to these aswell. you now have the start for a restraint wall.
As for the rest of the room, put up some shelves and baskets for oils and restraints etc which would be easily accessable and use red, and black coloured cushions and satin sheeting around windows and hanging from ceiling areas, maybe use chain as decoration too. mirrors are good in that sort of environment aswell and make sure you have complete privasy and the neighbours wont be able to hear.;)
Good luck with it.
Any more help just mail me.

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