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I know part of this question is hard to answer becuase it's based on personal pefference, but you've seen alot more than me.

bought a 2,300 sq foot home.  cherry merlot cabinets, blank granite counters and stainless steel applicances.  the kitchen opens up to the family room.  the kitchen is 18x3 and the family room 18x14.  i was going to put a laminate floor down in both rooms, before a flooring store convinced me that tile would be a good alternative and will increase the value much, much more.  i like the idea.  on the interior design side i'm not sure which 'COLOR' to type of tile i should purchase - ceramic, stone, etc.  

i like to lighter shiny (white or off-white) tile, but also like the nature stone which is warmer, etc.  i need a tile that is durable (6,9, 16 year old kids), but that makes the room look bigger and that works with the kitchen colors.  can you recommend a specific tile? (there's the tough question), from ifloor or similar site so i can see it?

last question.  i've installed wall tile in the kitchen, shower tile in the bathroom, etc. so i'm fairly 'handly'.  is this a job someone like me should be able to do?  and, will installer mind coming in and just doing the corner pieces where a good cut is needed?





Laminate and hard wood floors are both durable and both add value to a home.  Ceramic tile is pretty indestructable, but it's also very unforgiving.  If you drop something like a glass or dish on it, it's history.  If you prefer ceramic tile, then use the larger sized tile (like the 16" or even 20" square) and lay them on a diagonal which gives you more visual floor space.  

To coordinate with your kitchen, select a grey tone with dark grout.  I assure you that you do not want a white or off-white tile on the floor, and you definitely do not want white or off-white grout.  It's impossible to keep clean. Since you have a granite countertop, why not stay in the stone arena?  Consider slate and other natural materials before making your decision.  

If you're handy and can do it yourself, then you'll save yourself money.  I don't think too many tile guys would want to come in and do corners and cuts, so if you plan to do it, you'd best plan to do it all.  

Whether you opt for wood, laminate, ceramic or stone, keep the color more in tune to your wooden cabinets (for wood or laminate) and/or your countertop (ceramic or stone).  All of these products are long-lasting, they all add to the value of your home, and if you like the look and feel of one over the other, use it.  You won't be wrong.


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