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Hi, Jenny,

My 56-year-old boyfriend is putting his house on the market so we can combine households.  Problem is, his house was built in 1971, and the interior has not been updated since then.  The vinyl floors in the kitchen and hallway are avocado and burnt gold.  The cabinets in the kitchen are dark.  The appliances are kind of olive-colored. The tiles in his bathroom are a bizarre color that my computer describes as "mildew."  The carpeting in the living room and dining room is tan. He's a guy who likes to buy broken things and fix them up, so none of his furniture matches; most of it is brownish and, while not quite old enough to qualify as "antique," is pretty damned old.  The window coverings are sort of beige and came with the house 20-some years ago.  He recently replaced some worn carpet on the steps to his basement -- brown, of course. On the upside, the house is very very clean, the carpeting has had so many throw rugs on top of it over the years that it is virutally unworn, the mechanicals are all in great shape, the lawn is beautiful, and the garage is immaculate.  Can you recommend some colors for area rugs or throw pillows that might make the place look less like a dungeon from the 70s?
Thanks in advance,
Vicky Jones

I can tell you right now that you need to "invest" in new carpet and some paint.  These two things will make all the difference in whether you sell the house or not.

Recarpet everything in a neutral beige or camel brown shade.  Don't spend a fortune.  Buy inexpensive carpet with an inexpensive pad and have a professional company lay it.  

In the kitchen, paint the cabinets white, and the walls in a warm yellow (Chiffon is one of my favorite Home Depot colors).  This isn't a sunshine yellow, it's a buttercream color and it's wonderfully happy.

Make sure there is no clutter in the house and that all the walls are painted -- even if they're all white.  If you can do it, I'd paint the walls throughout the house the same color as the new carpet.

For your investment you'll have a quick sale and people walking in going "wow" look at this.


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