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Hello benjamin. thank you in advance for your valuable time. we have a little area in front of the banister that we want to make unique. we are going to get a storage bench with a cushion on top so it can be used as a seat. we also wanted to mount cushions to the small area of the wall above the bench to create a love seat effect. the look i am thinking of for the wall is almost like a mattress because it has dimples created by buttons. obviosly not to thick because we dont want it hanging over the bench. really just for a look.

I cannot seem to find any place that sells wall cushions. any ideas? either a store or a how to would be great.


Thanks for writing.

You could try Pottery Barn, Pier 1, and Ballards Design (all have there own website to shop on). I know for sure there are things at Ballards
Design that would work for you if the size is right.

Another option would be to get something custome made by a seamstress. Many local interior designers or interior design stores will know someone and sometimes local fabric stores will have one on site.

Good luck.


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