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Hello Jenny. thank you in advance for your valuable time. we have a little area in front of the banister that we want to make unique. we are going to get a storage bench with a cushion on top so it can be used as a seat. we also wanted to mount cushions to the small area of the wall above the bench to create a love seat effect. the look i am thinking of for the wall is almost like a mattress because it has dimples created by buttons. obviosly not to thick because we dont want it hanging over the bench. really just for a look.

I cannot seem to find any place that sells wall cushions. any ideas? either a store or a how to would be great.

The best place is your local fabric store.  There you can purchase upholstery foam in varying thicknesses and have it cut to size.  Atop the foam goes a layer of batting (also from the fabric store) and then the upholstery fabric.  To tuft the fabric, purchase buttons that allow you to cover them and then purchase a very long needle to sew from the back side of the foam to the front (to apply the buttons).  

Any major fabric store will be happy to assist you in planning and purchasing for this project.  


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