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Hello Benjamin,

I have a treadmill that I actually do use, so I want to keep it in the house.  However, I don't have a room that I can dedicate as an "exercise room," and my options for where the treadmill can go are quite limited.

The best option appears to be in my dining room which, obviously, is far from ideal.  Do you have any ideas for how to disguise the treadmill?  I know I could use a folding screen or a curtain hung from the ceiling, but those "disguises" would seem to call a lot of attention to the treadmill anyway.

Another option would be to put the treadmill in my bedroom.  Again, not ideal.  However, in the bedroom I could possibly get more creative in how I hide it.

Neither the dining room nor the bedroom are very large, so I can't use a solution that will be much larger than the treadmill itself.



Thanks for writing. Well, if I had to choose between the bedroom and the dining room to put a treadmill, the bedroom would win. This way it is at least out of the "public space" and the bedroom poses more "hiding spots" than a dining room. Have you tried the old under the bed trick? Or in a closet (expecially a walk in!)

Otherwise, sometimes is a den/office is an ideal place or even set a little area up in the basement at your "exercise area" and keep it there.

Goos luck.


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