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Hello, I am badly in need of help.Just bought my first house-woop,woop.I have painted all other rooms but the Sunporch has me stumped. I can't decide what to do. It is a deck with walls added, window line 2 sides, one wall is outside siding with a large window looking into the livingroom.The room is 18'X 5'. I have darker blue tiles for the floor.For paint I have a dark sky blue, a light sky blue and white. I wanted to use the existing stripes to my advantage and paint them (on that one wall). I'm just not sure what order to do, or to use only 2 colors or what. Could I do that and still do a cloudy sky as the ceilings are low and trim the windows the darker blue. Should that livingroom window be trimmed in white or dark blue. As you  can tell, I'm all over the place on this one. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


well it seems you are utilizing allot of color here and well that can be good in some organized manner. But as with anything to much color can not be a good thing here.

I think that the porch has exterior part of the orginal house and the other wall has plain wall I am assuming here.

I think that whatever color the house is exterior wise try to cordinate to make this a whole picture here .

You stated you have blue tile in floor yet you want a ceiling with clouds and stripes like a accent wall yet also you are wanting to change the trim of windows making this seem unlike a very unfavorable sunroom as the color seems very dark and not relaxing as sunrooms should be.

My suggestion:

The siding of the exterior of the  house find a cool soothing color that matches that and for trim of windows try to find a shade  that matches really well or stay with white for trim color on windows so not conflict with living room area.

As for the ceiling if you would like a cloud effect then do in moderation one that will withstand dirt as of being outside not a actual part of your heating and AC of the normal house interior.

if you have any additional questions or visit my website at or go to for whimiscal looks  you can create yourself.


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