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I read that you could do molding 6in down from the ceiling & paint that area the same color as the ceiling & the wall area a different color. This appeared to make the ceiling higher, from what you have said this would not be good?
The windows in this room are wide, so would you suggest to use a strip drape and cover most of the window?
We may be able to do a new window,if so what is a more modern size.

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We need ideas on how to make a room look taller. We have a reg hight in a room, but you step down into the room, so it seem to make the ceiling look lower.

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To raise a ceiling, you want to stress vertical lines on the walls and avoid emphasis on any horizontal wall elements.  You want the walls to be one continuous vertical mass.  To establish this feeling of unbroken verticality try to eliminate all horizontal mouldings on the walls.  If you can't eliminate them, camouflage them-paint them the same color as the wall.  This makes them merge into the wall and minimizes their horizantal impact.  The ceiling color should be bright since bright colors should be bright since bright colors appear to recede.  White, being the brightest of colors, is best.  And of course, favor vertical patterns-such as vertical stripes when planning your window treatments.  And hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, and stay away from valances.  Now, since you stepo down into the room, the color of your walls and the color of your floor should be light.  You can add color via accessories and fabrics.  And paint the steps in a different color or shade of color from the color on your flooring, for safety reasons.  Guests should be able to see where the step ends and where the floor begins.  When planning your lighting, do use a couple of floor lamps throwing light upwards torwards the ceiling.

I hope this is helpful and good luck with your decorating,

In your case putting molding all around your room 6 inches from the ceiling would not work because you do need to step down into the room.  Because everyone's situation is different general rules need to be tailored their design dilemma.  

I would recommend striped drapes but they do not need to cover the entire window unless privacy is an issue.

As far as replacing your window, I would go with a size that is in scale with your room.  If you check with any window manufacturer you'll find different sizes and shapes and then you will make the decision.  Of cours make sure the window is well designed, insulated against energy loss and with easy maintenance and operation.

Good luck with your decorating,

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