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I am in the process of updating my entryway.  I will be replacing a wooden railing with a stub wall.  The room (s) where this wall will be added is between my staircase and main living area.  
All of the wall surfaces in the living area are done in a heavy texture.  The walls are painted and glazed to add depth to the texture.  When the new wall is built, I am hoping to achieve the feeling of having a foyer.  What I do not want is to add additional texture by plastering and glazing the wall when it is added.  Currently the entry allows for one to see my entire living, hallway and down staircase upon entering.  As you step in one is facing a large wall (textured) to the right is the open concept staircase with a solid texture wall at the far right, and as your eye would move to the left and follow a movement from left to right one sees the heavy texture wall followed by an entire wall with heavy cedar (painted in the glazing color) shelves atop a raised rusty red brick hearth, a hearth to ceiling (vaulted and beamed) rusty red brick fireplace the a repeat section of the heavy painted cedar shelving.
Since the entire viewing area is, to me, rough texture I really think that simply painting this new addition would be the best alternative.  My thoughts are to paint with the same paint color that is currently on the shelving along the fireplace wall.  I was wondering what a professional eye would do in this instance.  I would be happy, if needed, to provide some photos.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Hi Terry, Sounds like a beautiful home.  I think you can go with the smooth wall but what about doing a different technique as well on the wall to reinforce the different purpose to this space.  You could use your glazing and do a tone on tone stripe or even a diagonal tone on tone stripe.  I think this would accomplish your desire to distinguish your foyer from the other room.  You are welcome to send me photos as well if you would like me to have a better feel.  Email them to me at

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