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QUESTION: how do you do a transition on the thresholds and baseboards on an open floor plan. We have three openings that enter the kitchen area, one opening has a door the others are 5ft openings. All openings enter into wood floor rooms and the kitchen is going to be porcelan/travertine. All the thresholds are a Mahogany stain. The baseboards are the same except the kithchen which now are painted. Is it possible to do a change up?
Thanks Anthony

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,
Well I am having a bit of confusion, I am not really able to understand your question. I am getting a faint idea but thats not enough to answer your question. Is it possible for you to help me with a little more details and if possible a pic.

I am really very sorry for the inconvenience.

Looking forward to your reply

Take Care


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I will send a photo tomorrow. The situation is four open areas that are open by a pass through with the kitchen / dining central, (as grand central station). Do all the base boards and encasements have to match throughout or can one side of the casement be different. Our problem is that the thickness of each opening is 11-1/2" thick with no doors from one room to another except for one that we want a french glass carved type door.

Hey anthony,
ok this seems a bit clear, see the thing is that if the base boards and the encasements which you are talking about are in the same room then they have to be similar unless ofcourse you have variant colors on the walls. But if the walls in that room are of the same color then you should go with the same color of the base boards and the casements.

Another thing is that if youhave enough windows in the room through which ample of natural light comes in and if the color of the walls is also bright then you may go with different colors but if possible try avoiding to color only ONE side. Always have a pair colored in that case.

Hope this could be of some help to you

Take Care

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