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I am currently building a home and have chosen a neutral tone for my walls a tan tone called squirrels tail by Martha Stewart.  I have chosen to lighten that color for the bedrooms to 50% of squirrels tail.  The wall color is just what I wanted but now the question is what do I do with the trim color.  The painters are telling me that white trim is out and a lighter color of the same palette would look better.  Now, I can't decide if I should use the standard white or go with a color along the same palette.  The reason I am questioning the white is because we have chosen 5 in. baseboards.  They are beautiful but I am afraid it will look like a train track going around my house.

I'm familiar with the color, and I like it very much.  As for your trim, either white or a muted shade of the squirrel will work for you.  When deciding, take into consideration that every trim should be the same - around windows, doors, ceiling moldings etc.  The only exception to the all one trim color rule are built in wood pieces.  

White will contrast with the wall color, and I personally find that preferable, but it's up to you and your own good taste.


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