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I want to repaint my kitchen in the tuscany colors.  I know that they are the reds, terra cottas, browns, yellows & greens.  My question is... Where do I start?  Which one should be my dominant color and which should be my accent color?  My kitchen is neither large nor small.  I don't want to be over powererd when I walk into it.  My countertop is formica (ugh...I know but can't afford to redo them)  They are blue (again...I know!)  They were done in the late 80's when the blues and pinks were in.  They are a country blue, I guess.  Should I paint the walls maybe in a yellow?  I would like to paint one of the smaller walls a different color.  Do they do that. I want the tuscany look but don't know where to start.  I need to know the exact color of the paints to use.  Please help.  I'm descperate.  My husband is saying to hurry and choose the paint as they are ready to begin but I can't!  I need help.

Thanks so much.



Thanks for writing.

With your blue countertops, I would stick to the yellows and terra cotta colors. If you don't want something too overwhelming, try a soft pale mustard yellow with terra cotta as your accent color. It is ok to do just one wall as an accent or you can choose two walls...across from each other.

Good luck.


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