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I am contemplating redecorating my daughter's bedroom.  We have cathedral ceilings but they are not even in her room.  For example the north wall may be 8 foot floor to ceiling and the south wall may be 10 foot floor to ceiling and the east and west walls gradually slant.  I thought about putting a border at the top of the walls but do not want the problem of matching in the corners at a slant.  I thought I read/saw somewhere that you can make the room look larger by placing the border even with where the lowest wall meets the ceiling and maintaining it level all the way around the room (not following the ceiling line) and painting below it your primary wall coloring and above it the same color as you paint the ceiling.  Am I correct?  My main idea is to make the room look larger but also to avoid having to worry about the line around the top of the room and making sure I do not get the wall color on the ceiling - especially since the ceiling is textured and not easy to tape off.  I thought if this concept works it would solve both problems by making the room look larger and allowing me to have the ceiling and wall paint colors meet where the border will cover and alleviate the edging problem.  Any assistance or ideas you can provide me would be most appreciated.

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for your questions! What you are dealing with is called a sloping ceiling. These are great because they add architectual intrest to a room and make the room feel bigger.

What you read about, putting a boarder across the wall at even level, was correct. However, if you drop the ceiling paint down to the boarder, you will loose some of that intrest. If this doesn't bother you, go ahead. If you would like to show off the slop, add a contrasting color to the ciling instead of a plain white.

I am not a fan of white ceilings. At least, you need to take 10% of the main wall color and add it to your white ceiling paint. (this can be done at the paint store) This will not seem like you did anything when you paint it on, but what you did was add tint to the white so it is not so stark. This will make a more pleasing transition from the main color into the ceiling color.

Another idea whould be to paint the walls and celing all the same color. (daring, I know) but those kinds of things make the diffrence between the room looking like an amiture did it from a designer doing it.

One last idea would be to paint the ceiling a darker color than the main wall color to bring down the ceiling. This would work well if the room was taller than is is wide. By adding darker color to the celing, it will bring it back down to earth a bit and make the room feel wider.

Good luck, and as always, I encourage you to send pictures to: when the project is completed.


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