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I am contemplating redecorating my daughter's bedroom.  We have cathedral ceilings but they are not even in her room.  For example the north wall may be 8 foot floor to ceiling and the south wall may be 10 foot floor to ceiling and the east and west walls gradually slant.  I thought about putting a border at the top of the walls but do not want the problem of matching in the corners at a slant.  I thought I read/saw somewhere that you can make the room look larger by placing the border even with where the lowest wall meets the ceiling and maintaining it level all the way around the room (not following the ceiling line) and painting below it your primary wall coloring and above it the same color as you paint the ceiling.  Am I correct?  My main idea is to make the room look larger but also to avoid having to worry about the line around the top of the room and making sure I do not get the wall color on the ceiling - especially since the ceiling is textured and not easy to tape off.  I thought if this concept works it would solve both problems by making the room look larger and allowing me to have the ceiling and wall paint colors meet where the border will cover and alleviate the edging problem.  Any assistance or ideas you can provide me would be most appreciated.

Dear Crystal,

You are right: placing a border ever with where the lowest wall meets the ceiling and maintaining it level all the way around the room and painting the space above it the same color as the ciling will camouflage the uneveness of the ceiling line while at the same time free you from worrying that you will get your wall paint on the ceiling.  But the "border trick" will not necessarily make the room look larger though it will make the ceiling appear higher which will put it in harmony with the cathedral ceilings in the rest of the house.

Now, to make a room look larger cover the walls below the border in a light color.  Light colors give the illusion of expanding the space.  Also aim for small motifs, small furniture and unity throughout the room.

Best Regards and good luck with your decorating,


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