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Hello.  I am in the process of updating my sitting room.  I have a chaise lounge with fringe around the bottom that is light beige and 2 burgundy wing back chairs that I want to use.  I am at a standstill as how to decorate this room.  I don't want it to be too flowery or Victorian-looking.  I would like it to have a more updated look.  Also, do you have a suggestion for wall color?  The carpet is medium beige.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi Peggy,
Make a note of a few points that I can think of and try these.
you can make a perfect cobimation with the kind of colors that you have. place the wing back chairs in front of each other and a glass top small round tacle in between them

your chaise lounge would be then placed either across a window incase you have it in the room or other wise adjacent to these two chairs, so that they form a set together.

you may also put a burgundy cushion on the chaise lounge and beige cushion on the wingback chairs.

you may use a combination of burgundy and beige curtains with fringes at the botom. the whole idea that i want to bring out is to give your room a theme of these two colors cause they really go well with each other.

you may place two burgundy color vase across the room.

as far as color of the wall is concerned. use dark red with white borders. and definetely hang some paintings.

this is what i can think of at first. Incase you dont like it please revert back, we'll work out with something else

Take Care,

Sarthak Bartaria

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