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in my "great room" (it's a kitchen/dining/living room all in one and a very big room) i have a vaulted ceiling (20 feet?).  on the one wall, the shortest part of the wall, no windows, i have a love seat (and sometimes i switch and put the couch there.)
i need to know what i can put on the wall so the ceiling doesn't look so huge and/or bare.  at the tallest part of the wall, i have a 6 foot wine rack and some paintings etc grouped beside it.  over this loveseat i have (now) one of those large rustic tin stars that i antiqued, but it looks lost.  (my floors are terracotta saultillo (?) tiles and i have smaller green tiles on my counter tops) trying to go with a california country feel.....i think!  any advice you can give will be greatly appreciative. thanks  

Dear Angela Carrera,
     Well I was really stumped after reading your question so I went on to message board and posted your question. Here are some ideas that a couple of people have posted.

If you arent able to see the website here is what they suggested.
I think the best way to answer this is that everything above the short wall (imaginary horizontal line on the vaulted wall) should be the same color; hence the vaulted ceiling will be one with the space above the short wall. Lots of time decorators will use crown molding on this imaginary line and everything above it is the same color. It is a way to bring down the massive of a vaulted ceiling and make it feel like it is a part of the room. Not so overbearing.

Let me know if I made any sense. The more I read it I

It occured to me that she could hang a chandelier (California style) in the vaulted area and have it come down to about 8' foot ceiling height. This would divert the eye away from the short wall.

Since she has so much saultillo tile, does she have a nice huge area rug? Something worth looking at to divert the attention? Also, to deflect any noise? It has to be loud in there?


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A large quilt? Always good for a country theme. It could bring more colors into her room too.

A "collection" grouped up the wall. Plates, jugs, pitchers, photos, whatever she or her spouse has.

Also depending on the layout of the room, a really massive piece of furniture (Tall and heavy) an amoire for storage or for the TV. The wine rack is probably too light and short for a 20' cieling.

Does the room have a fireplace. Adding a stone fireplace floor to cieling would add vertical interest too. Or perhaps adobe.

How about building a "loft" area here. Saw this done in a magazine earlier this year. They made a "library" above the main family room area. You'd need to consult a good architect/engineer for this one to make sure you get it right.

What's on the other side of the wall? How about a beautiful stained glass window? throw some ideas at her and see what she thinks.  

Hope this helps.

Rachel Mallon

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