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What colors should I use to add interest and flow to an open floor plan.  Floors are oak, carpet in dining room is neutral, sisal and a round Shagtastic shag tan/with dark chocolate in center of wool yarn, in living room.  Window treatments are neutral woven natural roman shades (see thru)with linen plaid inverted pleat top treatment and sheer linen side panels in living and dining room. Dining room furniture is rosewood with teal and chocolate swirl pattern seat cushions (Robert Allen fabric). Living room has Ekhornes leather sand color and teak wood frame with pillows (conrad fabric, circles and/or chenille), in rust, neutral, and teal. Home is two story Mediterranean with reverse floor plan, views to Monterey Bay.   The upstairs living area is U shaped with a wide hallway open to foyer below and with a view down into a courtyard to the back through a large arched window. There are 12 foot vaulted ceilings and open arches in livingroom to view thru across foyer to family room that also has an open arch.  On one side of the U the dining room is open to the living room and kitchen. On the other side, the family room is open to the hallway and with a view thru a small bar into an office. Then there is a half bath. There are sky lights in the ceiling and large windows in the upstairs hallway. Half way up stairway, a 12 foot arch window. Large rectangular windows on the front corners of the house in living room, dining room and family room. There is a great deal of light.  A round glass coffee table with neutral base sits on round beige + black shagtastic carpet. Kind Regards, Gail

Hi Gail.  Thanks for writing and describing your home so thoroughly.

Since most everything in your home is neutral, I was looking for a common denominator that would make sense in the open areas.  My suggestion for wall color is a soft teal.  It doesn't have to be pale, just a mid-range hue that will be subtle but noticeable.  What will happen if you opt to paint this color are a couple of things; you'll see more of the teal accents that you have in your fabrics because the color will be brought out by the wall color, and; your space will feel cool yet comfortable by using this tropical shade of blue.  

Rooms coming off the teal could be done in varied shades of taupe or graduated shades of brown (from taupe to camel to palomino).  

Hope this helps you make some decisions.  

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