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Hi Cindy,
I have a tiny 12x14 master bedroom that is in great need of a facelift. I plan on totally remodling in about 4 to 5 years, so I don't want to put a lot of money into this room. However I can't stand to live in it one more night the way it is. The two windows are white vinal inserts and it has an oak floor. I would love to have some color but my husband is hesitant of dark colors in small spaces. Can you help me?  

Dear Shelly,

Your husband is right to be hesitant of dark colors in small spaces.  Some have made the case that using all dark colors that are similar in value will also make a room look large.  I have not found that technique to work. However, you do not need to choose dark colors to enliven your space.

First take a paint strip and choose a rich color.  Then choose a lighter tint torwards the middle or top of the paint strip, more torwards the top in your case.  I would then paint the trim the same color as the walls.  

Cool colors also make a room look larger because they seem distant.  Painting your ceiling will also help your room look larger by pushing the walls out or you can paint the ceiling the same color as your walls to negate the boundries.  Pale blue is a popular choice for ceilings; it can give one the feeling of looking at the sky.

I would choose floor-length curtains that start at the ceiling that are the same color as the walls.  They can be a solid color, small print or thin stripes.  

Benjamin Moore blue 1660 and yellow 918 with magenta (used sparingly)and a darker blue-green would be nice.  Or yellow 170, green 495 and beige 1037 would be elegant with a little red.  You might want to use the darker accents on your bed quilt or bedspread to highlight the bed as the rooms's focal point.

Good luck with your decorating and don't despair,


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