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I am moving to a brand new home which I am very happy, we are using our exinting white furniture which consist in small couch and a large couch all white and the tables are glass top with some type of lite looking rock botton, the walls are off white for now until we save money to paint it.
We are going to buy a dinning room set which will be in the same room and the color will be maple color for the table and probably maple chairs with some pattern fabric. Which colors pillows will you recomend, curtain color and whar type of pictures.
We are open to any suggestion , the only style that we don't like out all is country and old fashion. any help o ideas were to go , is very appreciated it. thanks a lot! Dora


Thanks for the questions.  I can't really pick a color for you, but I can urge you to consider using your favorite color/colors for the upholstery in your dining room and coordinating the art with your favorite colors and themes.  

Some people prefer watercolor to abstract art, and there is the same relationship with color.  Watercolor people tend to prefer paler shades; pastels.  Abstract art lovers tend to prefer bold, bright color but clean lines and shapes.

While I understand you don't like country, there are a zillion directions you could take from here since you have in essence a blank palette.  While white is a "color" per se, it blends with anything.  

You may find that you prefer cool colors (blues, greens, etc.) over warmer tones (reds, browns, oranges).  

Choose your favorite colors and work from there.  


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