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we have a lovely large picture window that is slightly vaulted at the top. (it
rise about 10 inches at the peak over a width of 9.5 feet) Prior to our
renovations (in which we put cherry flooring and painted the whole space a
light dusty green grey (called mexican Feather Grass)  the window had
standard white blinds that were cut to the shape of the window. When we
took off the top part of the blinds (the rounded bit) to pait the window frame,
we realized that we had been missing out on the best part of our appartment
- the shape of the window is quite elegant and had been cut up by the
shaped section of blind. Now, we are trying to figure out how to cover our
window (mostly for the fnction of keeping out the sun  in the summer, and
prying eyes in the night. If it weren't for this, we'd likely keep the window un-
dressed. Any tips for coverings?  The room is open and modern and warm, wo
would like to keep it that way...

Hello Jackie ,

      Think about an Earth tone colour . The arch may look nice with a horizontal blind and perhaps for the lower window(s) use Woven Woods Top Down/Bottom up operating type of control . Remember , there are tilt wands and pull cords that may hang in view . There are tilt wands , pull cords , loop cords and even battery and electrical assist function available .
  Is the arch window allowing a sky view and/or view of neighboring window(s) ? Perhaps window tinting will apply in that arch instead of a window blind . White blinds cast off a lot more light than other colours . Also , look into room darkening blinds as to keep light from peering through the blinds . Soft blinds are linned , horizontal blinds have the cords routed in front and at the back of the slats ...  no holes in the slats . Please write with more questions and ideas you may have .


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