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I have a bow window in my dining room. I stripped the wall paper and painted it.
I am now trying to decide what to put up on the bow window. I leave it open in the daytime but need privacy at night.
any suggestions.


Bow windows are great. They conform to houses better than bay windows in my opinion! for a treatment, you may consider a honey cone shade. This can be risen during the day and closed at night for optimal privacy. When the honey cone shades are down they give a total shield, unlike a blind that can have the shutters open. If you go with a blind, I suggest a nice thick wood blind that fits in each window pain. These provide more of a decorative look.

For the ultimate in luxury looking, go with a beautifully fabriced drap. For example, have a drape custome made using a lined silk material supported by a thick wood rod at the top of the header of the window and let the fabric fall to the floor (or close to it) on each side. This can then be easily closed at night.

My suggestion would be to hire a local seamstress to do this sort of job. Many fabric stores offer this service.

Good luck.


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