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In out new flat we have window facing the street 4 meters wide and to the right of it we have a balcony door (130 cm wide) so it gives this L-shape(between the window and balcony door theres a wall in the corner).This will give you a picture of what it looks like:

         The balcony door is glass with a metal frame,the neighbours in the other building can see us in the balcony.This is what I was thinking :put curtains only on the window, leave the balcony door without windows but paint the metal white(by the way the walls are cream) and fill the balcony with plants so the neighbours don't see us.I don't know how it will look in the end,what do you think?if I should put curtains in a L-shape ,what kind?

Hello Dina,

I do think it is a good idea to fill the balcony with plants if you want some privacy but without putting curtains for the balcony door. There are many good plants to choose from. If you live in a climate with distinct seasons it is a good idea to choose some plants that are evergreen to assure you privacy even in the winter.

An alternative for curtains is hanging plants (indoors) - either a big plant in a big pot or a row of small plants in small pots. Hanging plants might need a bit more water than other plants, as they seem to dry out faster. Keep that in mind and you will have very happy plants. The plants spread the light and give a feeling of conservatory even to an ordinary living room.

Good luck!

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