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QUESTION: Hi. I had previously asked a question but you replied that
My question is about window treatments.
I currently have a living room that will be opening to the kitchen. In that den/livingroom I have a sliding door AND a small 30 something by 43" window. My question do you do the window treatments. I found these great drapes that I am using on the sliding door. I am also adding sheers. It will be a functioning door. Now I am just confused. Do I treat the other small window the same way and put the same treatment there? Long 84"..I'm just not sure what will look right. The room is a small cozy room too. about 15 x 20 or so.
My other questio is..I have a small splanch style house. Basically there is a foyer and if you look straight can see part of the den which opens up to the kitchen. I also have a dining room to the right. How do you pick out complementing colors for all these areas. I love the color Palladium blue Historical color in the BMoore line. And I am looking for a really nice creamy (not yellow) white. I saw Navajo white and was thinking of this for the foyer. I get VERY little light into the foyer. And then the dining room I am also lost with.But I wanted to hear your suggestions on a few color combinations that may work well with the Palladium blue. Thanks in advance for any help and God bless.

ANSWER: Hi again Bella,

Beginning with your window treatment question, it isn't necessary to treat the smaller window exactly the same as the slider, but it should "coordinate".  By using a smaller drape or even a scarf out of the same fabric, you can tie the two window areas together.  

As for coordinating with the blue, light to medium shades of yellow will work nicely.  The Navajo white is a standard builder's white, and it is bright white.  

In addition to yellow (a warm color to go with the cool blue) you can always use a cool green like celery or sage.  

Hope this helps you!

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QUESTION: Thanks Jenny. Can you suggest a really nice creamy(nonyellow) white I can use for the foyer? It seems like everything I try looks VERY yellow. I know cream has some yellow..but I didn't want too much of it. When you walk into my see a small foyer and a few steps leading to the living room upstairs. You can see some of the living room from the main floor. on the the dining room. Is it strange to make both the dining room and the living room upstairs the same color? I LOVE the palladium blue and want it in the dining room due to lack of light. This will brighten that area. I just didn't know how to pick color scheme using several colors that are complimentary to each other. My dining room furniture is in chocolate gold upholstery and the table is a dark wood browntone.  Hope that gives you more info.  I prefer to stay away from yellow. I have sage green in the bathroom AND one big problem is the carpet in the den is burgundy..but I figured I could always get window treatments with burgundy in them..right.Thanks so much. I just didn't feel like going to ratemyspace to get this info. You helped me in the past and it's been so helpful.

The Navajo White is a good solid white.  I'd stick with that.  And yes, adding window treatments that have some burgandy in them will pull all the carpet colors and wall colors together.  

As for complimentary colors, you have 3 colors going already (the burgandy, the blue and the sage green.)  I would use those colors over and over throughout the home to get a more coordinated look and feel.  


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