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 Thank you for your response. I think you are right to stick with neutrals on the shades or blinds and then add color later with curtains or valances. But can you clear something up for me? When you say to get all the blinds at the same time and keep them with the same texture or color are you suggesting I do the same treatments with both family room and bay window in kitchen? So If I do blinds in the family room I should do them in kitchen as well?  Do you think white wood blinds would contrast too much with an olive wall, brown and sage furniture, black in the kitchen and natural wood ?  It sounds like you prefer roman shades in the bedrooms..not in a family room and kitchen?
Don't worry I'm not letting my walls stay white. The kitchen will be taupe, one wall that connects family room and breakfast nook will be olive and the rest of the main level will be a buttery yellow. The dining room will be a combination of olive and taupe or olive and white the way I'd like to do above the chair rail in olive and white stripes do I do that without making crooked stripes?
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Hi Jenny!
 We just built a new home and I am freaking out about the window treatments. I was never good at choosing them and always found, in the past, that I went with safe,boring, things like sheers. With this house I want to do it right with something I will love and not get sick of. So far I decided to do roman shades in the kids rooms and 4th bedroom. I am undecided on the master bed, family room, bay window in kitchen, living and dining rooms. The bay window is really killing me. I like to have a lot of light during the day with a view to my yard but also have privacy at night. I thought about wood blinds, roman shades (bamboo or cotton), shutters, valances..I just can't decide. The kitchen area is 9x10 with light wood floors, light oak cabinets, a black and taupue mix counter top trimmed with wood and all black appliances with pewter fixtures. I thought about painting the walls in taupe as well, nothing is painted yet. The breakfast nook is 8x14 with the dreadful bay window, light wood floors (the floor is throughout family room too)it has a round oak  table and a beautiful 8 ft. round floral area rug that is mostly black with ivory, olive and burgundy. I'm thinking of painting the wall where the bay window is olive. The rest of the main level, besides the dining room, will be in a buttery cream color. The family room which is right off the breakfast nook has a sage couch, brown leather recliner and an area rug with brown, olive, gold, dark brown and burgundy triangles. The end table and fireplace are light oak. This room has two joining windows each 30x55.
I also thought of the wooden roman shades in this room gravitating toward olive or brown, but I'm afraid to do dark shades and feel "safe" with white or natural only because the trim is white. This is the same wall coming down from the bay window (about 10 ft apart)so it will be olive as well. Can you help with these two rooms? I'll save my questions for the other rooms for later. :)
Thanks in advance!!
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Get all your blinds at the same time, in the same texture and color.  I'd opt for either white/off-white or a natural wood tone (to match your existing wood).  

Roman shades are wonderful in bedrooms, baths and can be used alone or in combination with blinds.  

Don't leave your walls white.  Paint them taupe, and consider carrying that green/taupe/black/white throughout your home.  

Shades and blinds are truly part of the window.  So when you're in doubt about color, stay neutral.  You can add sheers, draperies or scarves to add color and texture.


Thanks for writing back for more info.  Sometimes I get too "scattered" in my thinking and typing!  One approach to blinds that works well in adjoining spaces or open floor plans is to use the same type and style blind in every room.  There's no rule that says you have to do that of course, it's just a consistent treatment that looks the same in every window from the outside as well as the inside.  I'm not suggesting that you do that necessarily, but it is an option.  When/if you opt to do that, you should purchase everything at the same time for consistency in color/dye lot/style.  

I personally love Roman Shades in any and every room.  I also think wood blinds are outstanding, but some of them can be cost prohibitive.  There are some excellent prices on "faux" wood blinds as well.  If you opt for wood blinds, do white.  It will look great with any wall color you choose.

Basically, you need to decide if you want same or different (room to room) and in so doing consider appearance, light control, privacy issues and ease of use.  Once you've answered those questions, you'll be set.  


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