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Me again! The home we are building is in the Bahamas. I love wood floors but some people have told me that with the heat and if there is any amount of moisture that gets to the wood they can mess up/pop up/whatever happens to wood floors. Would that depend on the quality of the wood, like how much we spent? What is your advice?

HI Joy (again!!)

Congratulations on what sounds like a beautiful new home in a LOVELY spot!  The Bahamas bring back wonderful memories for me!  As for your flooring... Here are a few questions:  Will you have central air conditioning?   Will you live in this house full time?  Part time?  Will you be renting the house out to strangers?  IF you are living there full time and will have A/C when it is very hot and humid out, you can do wood floors, however the type of wood is VERY important.  I would absolutely NOT do any kind of oak wood floors...  Brazilian cherry is a VERY good, hard and durable wood floor. It is at least two times harder than most oak floors.  You could also check into bamboo wood floors... Both of these types of wood floors are wood from climates where hot and humid weather is the norm... That can help with their strength in not warping, etc.  

Most often times in such climates, people will use tile flooring.  It is very easy to take care of and nearly indestructible.  There are pros and cons to both.  Tile floors are very unforgiving and bad on your back....if you drop something, bye bye to that!  You may want to consider both tile and wood flooring.... Wood in the kitchen, where you stand a lot while cooking... And tile in the remainder of the room... They can be wonderfully co joined to create a gorgeous effect.  

I hope the above information has helped... You may want to check with the National Wood Flooring Association @ and ask them some pointed questions.  They will have all of the information you need!!

Best of luck on your new home!  

Thank you for writing.

Julie Henry
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