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Me and my soon-to-be husband have bought our very first flat and so I of course want it to be perfect. The flat is an open plan with the living area, dining area and kitchen in one, and it is quite small so we tried to think of ways to make it look bigger. The thing is, we have dark furniture and the same tone kitchen cuboards. our walls are cream, and our sofas are the same cream and brown. we were thinking of putting a really light wooden floor down to lighten it up but Im worried that it will not match with the dark colours. What should I do? I should also add that the kitchen area has sort of biege tiles and flooring. Also, I thought of putting red accesories around the living area but now that I have seen the other colours Im worried that they will clash. Is our decorating just turning out to be a disaster? please help!


Thanks for writing.

You need to get away from all the beigh, creams, browns, ect..

Everything is running together. Sence you have cream furniture, which I am sure you are going to want to keep, try going with a contemporaray, light, and flowing color on the walls such as a pale pastel ski blue. It is that "urban loft" color that you are seeing everywhere and I think it would be perfect on your walls to lighten things up a bit. The light flooring would look great. Try a real hardwood in a blond color. By using the real wood, you get a variation of color mixed into the blond and this keeps things a bit more interesting. Use it throughout the living and dining rm to keep consistancy to the house. For accents, try black. It looks great agains the pastel blue. Use it in picture frames, accent pieces, lighting, ect..

Good luck! I know you'll have you first places looking amazing in no time!


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