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We moved into a house where a full bath had been added to the basement. The walls are bright yellow, I can't stand it, and I don't have the time (or the fumes) to paint over. I stuck up a nice earth-color shower curtain to help neutralize the yellow, at least a little. Any more suggestions?

Also, we have a deep 14 inch width empty space between the shower and the wall, the height goes from the floor to the ceiling (about 6 feet) (Like a space where two people can squeeze in and stand up.) Any suggestions for this space?


Hi Ross
Nice to hear from you.
The shower curtain color will help (good call), also I would add lots of mirrors.
Goodwill stores etc will carry them cheaply or Walmart carries different sizes cheap too.
A suggestion is two of those long narrow closet door mirrors hung side by side on the largest wall.
A large towel bar with earth tone towels on it, and lots of pictures.
Once again Goodwill or Walmart is where I'd go.
Get as much wall space covered as you will look good.
The space between shower and wall sounds an ideal spot to slide in a 12 inch wide shelf unit.
This would look great with more of your towels, soaps tissues etc.
Great question. Hope this helps

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