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Hello, I'm doing a research paper at school over careers. I was just wondering what your job hours are like? How many hours do you work a day, and what days do you normally get off work?

Hello Jazmine

Sorry for delay in answering this question. I did not even see the email regarding this question, till I got another one and I saw it in the log.

The job hours are hectic and predictable, depending on the project I am doing. There are not set off days, which can be a plus and minus.


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I am an artist working with Acrylic and oil paints. I do tile,wall,wood panel murals, canvas and faux finishes. If you are what kind of design idea and what will look best(design and colors) on your walls, I will be able to give you expert advice with that.


I have been painting for 30 plus years, and been in business as an artist for more than 10 years.

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