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Thanks for your answer to Mike's question about cleaning an ornate gold painted frame.  I'm going to try the liquid soap idea that Mike asked about.  Now I have another question.  I have a brass fireplace fender that has brass polish residue in the nooks and crannies of the ornate parts.  I tried a toothbrush with soap and water, but to no avail.

Hi Rosemary
Nice to hear from you.
I like easy questions and this is one.
To remove brass polish residue, use brass polish.
Just rub it all over with a rag (or brush in the ornate parts, and polish it back off.
I will just add as a note.. I have seen what I will call "shaded brass" (for want of a better description).
This is like an antique effect and it will not come off. Is there any chance thats what you are seeing?
Get back if need be.

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