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      I have a three ring mirror that I spray painted silver. It was an antique gold finish to start with. The silver spray paint made it look more of a gray than silver.  How can I give this an antique silver look now? It's just to plain now, kinda dissatisfied with the look that it now has. Please help!

Hi Teresa (my daughters name too)
Nice to hear from you.
This will be an easy fix but you need the right products from the craft store.
Get a small bottle of black antique gel.
If its not available get a small opaque glaze and a small black paint which you mix together using about 1/4 of the black to the bottle of glaze.
Wether you mix your own or get premixed the procedure is the same.
Brush it over the silver quickly (any which way as long as the crevasses are covered).
Then wipe it back with clean rags before it dries. As little or as much wiping back as you prefer.
On large areas like a mirror frame, do one side at a time as you don't want it to dry before its wiped back.
And be aware, paint quality varies so you may need a bit more black in the gel than stated but experiment a bit.
You will like the look.
Good Luck
PS. If you mix your own, keep leftovers as it lasts forever.

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