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Bland shower tile
Bland shower tile  
Hello, I'm not happy with the tile that's in our master bath shower.  It's a 13x13 standard ceramic tile with two separate rows of 4x4 white tiles on the diagonal as an accent, but they really just blend in with the rest of the tile on the wall (see picture).  I tried tile decals but did not like the look.  I have an idea but I would like your opinion.  Do you think we could use a darker grout along the top and bottom of the white accent tiles to accentuate them? (the grout is currently bright white).  If you think that would work, would the darker grout also work in the white tiles to bring out the diagonal pattern?  If you believe either idea would work, what color grout would you recommend?  The large tiles are called "white" but they've got a beige pinkish tone to them.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello Ronnie

I am not a fan of grout lines that stand out, personally. So, I will not suggest that. I am basically an artist and want to beautify everything that seems to need it.
My suggestion will be to put a complementary molding in stone or any other material on top to border it. You may even think of putting a border in between the tiles and border. You may also get some 4x4 deco tiles in complementary colors and just glue them on top of the existing tiles. Just make sure that the medium used to glue is covering all the tile edges, so the water does not go in between and stay.
Hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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