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We bought a table 4 years ago that has grooves every 6 inches. I knew that we should have held off since we were starting to have children, but we bought it anyway. Now, it's nearly impossible to keep clean (crumbs accumulate in the 1/8" grooves) and it's very hard for the kids to color in their books on the table, since the colors "fall into the grooves". We can't afford a new table, so I'd like to "sand" the grooves out (yes, it will be long process since the table is 3'x5' with the insert). Can this be done with a power sander? Any suggstions?

Hi Jennifer
Nice to hear from you.
What you want to do depends on the type of material the table top is made of.
Do you know this?
It could be composite with a veneer over it in which case there is nothing you can do.
If its real wood, and solid, it could be done but what a job. Personally I would never try that.
It could easily be done with a thickness planer in a wood shop though for little cost.
An alternative would be filling the lines with wood filler and painting the top or getting a clear piece of plastic and wrap the top and staple under the table top.
Hope this helps.

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