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Learning Simple Programming Language

I am a civil Engineer, 30 years ago; I used to work on BASIC language in a professional way. Now I would like to learn a very simple language for personal use only, for programming some simple math equation, math games, English Language related program etc.
No need for complicated programming language like Visual Basic or C# etc.
What do you advise me to learn and how?

I've been a big fan of Pascal for nearly 30 years.  It's much less complex than C/C++/C#/Java, easier to understand than Basic, but compiles applications as powerful as any language.  You can use Delphi to write Windows applications, command line utilities, windows services, web services, etc in a contract free way.  Contract free means you can drop components and set properties, then run your application without even needing code.  You didn't get specific with your request as far as types of applications you'd like to create, so this is just a general answer.


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Turbo Pascal and Delphi developer since 1986. Strengths - UI, Windows API, Database, SQL, Internet, Threading, NT Services.


Turbo Pascal and Delphi developer since 1986.

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