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Josh wrote at 2013-07-20 16:51:55
According to this website ...

It's a lock of hair.  Here's what the site says:

If you are not familiar with the story of the Little Mermaid, it goes something like this. The Little Mermaid swam to the surface of the sea and saw a ship with a handsome prince, and fell in love. A storm tossed the prince overboard and the Little Mermaid saved him from drowning. Longing for the prince, she visited the Sea Witch, who sold her a potion that gave her legs in exchange for her voice. Because she was unable to speak and express her feelings, the prince married another, and the Little Mermaid's heart was broken.

Her sisters exchanged a lock of the Little Mermaidís hair (which you can see her holding in her hand in Edvardís sculpture) for a knife. If the Little Mermaid killed the prince she would become a mermaid again and live out her life as before. She could not bring herself to kill the prince and her body dissolved into foam. This story and its moral of purity of heart, has become a symbol of Denmark.


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