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der wrote at 2013-02-19 20:42:52
I've had problems with this.I appear that my digestive system was attacked by food allergies. When I eliminated dairy especially the one's that have the additive call Carrageenan.I had severe bowel irregularities from yogurt and soy milk. Please check website on this additive. I hope it works for you!!

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Dr Craig W Peck (B.Med.Sc., B.Ch.D., M.Sc., Clin. Botox, Cosmet. Derm.)


I can answer questions relating to early prevention of tooth decay and what additional measures you as a patient can employ, in order to remain caries free - the same applies to gum disease and periodontal disease. Remember that the measures adults use are not the same as those for children; and these measures often need to be modified for the elderly or handicapped patient in order to achieve success in maintaining their oral hygiene. My approach is aimed at minimal intervention, conservative dentistry where as little as possible is disrupted, but a biological balance is maintained - and when treatment intervention is required, the focus is placed on reversible modalities over irreversible ones.


Been in clinical family dental practice for over 10 years, managing patients from all age groups, all with varying needs and demands. Of particular interest to me, is the rehabilitation of patients with dental fears and phobias, without the conventional general anesthetic or intra-venous sedation techniques. It can be a lengthy process, but at the end, the patient is rehabilitated fully in a conscious manner without using a "crutch" on which to rely, making the results life-long. It's important to be aware that the main and most prevalent disease conditions of the mouth - i.e. tooth decay, gum disease and periodontal disease - are all from bacterial origin and the causative organisms are found readily in the resident bacterial flora in everybody's mouth. The mouth is much the same as the rest of the body - and life in general, I suppose - in that, if this resident bacterial flora is not kept in balance, one finds an over growth of one type of bacteria and the suppression of the growth of another type, resulting in dis-ease. The lesson - BALANCE and moderation in all that you do, eat, drink and behave!

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B.Med.Sc (Stell, 1994; 4 year Honors Degree in Medical Science with Medical Virology and Medical Physiology as majors, passed Physiology Cum Laude). B.Ch.D (RSA, 1997; Bachelors Degree in Dental Surgery, passed Clinical Dentistry Cum Laude). M.Sc (UK, 2000; Masters Degree in Biological Science, with Psychology as a major). Clin. Botox (UK, 2001). Cosmet. Derm. (RSA, 2011).

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Placed on the Dean's List for academic achievement. DASA's (Dental Assoc. of South Africa) Gold Medal for the highest achieving student in the country throughout the 5 1/2 years of the Degree. 3M Trophy for highest achievement in Radiology. Periodontal Assoc. of South Africa's medal for highest achievement in the Periodontology. Award for highest achievement in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology. Certificate for highest achievement in Dental Materials.

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