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Is it true, we should change our electric toothbrushes every 3 months?

If so, since they are more expensive than regular toothbushes, is there a way to clean them for them to last longer before replacing them; like soaking them in pexoide, etc.

Any tips will be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

Hi Sallie

Great question...but not a simple answer. I have been trying to give you an answer that is not just my personal opinion, but one based more on more comprehensive scientific information. This is called Evidence Based Dentistry.

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There is an Evidence Pyramid and expert opinion is one of the lower tiers of evidence. I can offer you my opinions.

As an orthodontist I do recommend that many of my patients use an electric tooth brush. I know that the bristles will easily wear out. If you are getting three months out of an electric tooth brush head, I would say you are doing quite well. The bristles tend to flatten and fray. When used against teeth that have braces the trauma to the bristles is even more profound.

I recommend that you do change the head every 3 months and consider that as part of the cost of maintaining your teeth Buying the heads in packages of three or ore can be worthwhile.

Your peroxide comment is well taken. this may help to lessen the bacterial burden on the bristles. I am not sure whether it actually helps to  lengthen the service life of the bristles.

Sallie, the bottom line I think is keep using the brush, change it every 3 months, and enjoy your beautiful smile. Do keep flossing and receiving regular check ups and professional hygiene appointments as well okay.

Paul Supan, DDS, MA, MPH

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