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Hello ,
I had an extraction of my wisdom tooth 36 hours ago and i would describe it as a smooth one , which i carried on with my daily activities afterward  . I smoked a cigarette 12 hours after the extraction while placing a wet gauze on the healing wound . The last signs of blood in my saliva where 24 hours after the extraction and after that i believe there were no signs of bleeding . However although i have felt no pain or experienced a swollen cheek . I am a bit concerned that i may be having some signs of dry socket , what makes me think so is the white thing surrounding the hole , I am not sure if it is normal or it is an early sign of dry socket or some type of infection . I have not been prescribed any antibiotics by my dental surgeon . I would appreciate it if you please offer and insight as to whether I should be worried.

Thank you very much

Hi Sam,

Of course I can't be positive of a diagnosis without actually seeing you, but my best guess tells me you do not have a dry socket.  My opinion is based upon the fact that  you don't have the pain associated with a dry socket.  Furthermore there does not appear to be any exposed bone in the socket as would be present in a dry socket situation.

That is a great photo you sent and it enables me to make this educated guess.

Larry Burnett DDS

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