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My dentist tells me I'm getting the beginnings of decay, even though I brush and floss, and I know this is almost certainly because I don't use toothpaste, and therefore am not delivering fluoride to my teeth. My drinking water is fluoridated, but this doesn't seem to be sufficient.

My problem is that almost all fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes are also mint-flavoured, and I just cannot tolerate mint - it plays havoc with my stomach. They also usually have saccharine, which I find very sickly.

For this reason, I want to make my own mint-free fluoride mouthwash, preferably with some chlorhexidine in it (because my gums aren't in very good condition).

I've searched the Web and can't find any recipes. And obviously, a layman like myself shouldn't mess around with substances like fluoride without knowing precise amounts to use. Can you help here? Thank you.

There is an effective Fluoride rinse called act.  Most of their formulas have mint but they have on product called Act Sensitive.  This has no mint of other possible irritants.  I hope that works for you.  I suggest you continue to also search for a fluoridated toothpaste which contains nothing you are sensitive to.

It is especially important that you start adding some type of topical fluoride to your teeth now that your dentists noted the beginning of decay.  I really hope you can find a a compatible product.  I know the Act product, and it works.  You can use it as directed and also you can brush your teeth with it.  I'm available for your followup on this.  You can reverse the early decay that is starting.  Her is a link to Act without mint.  You may need to copy and paste into your browser.
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