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I have lost my tooth filling a month ago. First it was sensitive to hot and cold temperatures that in addition to being sensitive to high saturated sugar sweets. Now my tooth is not as sensitive as it was when i just lost my filling. I am taking really good care of this tooth (brushing directly after each meal, staying away from eating crunchy stuff and sweets.. ) I am planning to have my filling replaced though not before 3 month from now, but i was wondering if that is ok. will my tooth by then get any worse or start developing a cavity? and why is it now less sensitive than before or is it just me?

Greetings Haythem,

Since I can't see how deep the filling was or the presence of new decay I must stay on the safe side and suggest you get the tooth re-filled as soon as possible.

Now I'll tell you a few things that will help you decide whether or not to rush.  First of all you are doing everything that I would suggest for a person who couldn't get it filled immediately.  You might add more frequency of brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste because this is like numerous mini fluoride treatments and can  slow down the progress or stop any new decay from forming.

The difference or alleviation of sensitivity may have come from the tooth building an insulating layer between the exposed inner tooth and the actual nerve in the tooth.  The absence of sensitivity makes it appear that there is less urgency to get the tooth filled quickly.  If sensitivity seems to be coming back,  I would suggest getting the new filling as soon as possible after you notice it.

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