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Hello Expert.
I just had my teeth cleaned 3 months ago and its not going to be another 3 months until my 6 month cleaning. I have a lot of built up tartar which feels uncomfortable, but in no way painful. What should i do?

The "every 6 month rule" is an insurance standard.  They know if you go twice a year, they will be making a good profit from your policy and at the same time, adequate care.  The key is ADEQUATE.  

Different people have different reactions to plaque and bacteria.  Some of us do not build up any tartar, others build it up within a few days.  I have plenty of people whom I treat who come in for cleanings every 3 months, some come in every 4 or the traditional six month period.  We decide together which schedule is best for each individual.

The truth is if you build up a lot of tartar and do not go often enough, we (the hygienist) have a tough time removing all the tartar from under the gum line in the time scheduled for you.  

You DO NOT have to go by your insurance.  They DO NOT know your mouth.  You and your hygienist DO!  
Talk to your dentist/hygienist about the proper frequency for you.  
Take care of your teeth- you only get one set.

Best of luck,
Michele Scurti, RDH

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I can provide educational, clinical and therapeutic advice on oral disease, its prevention and correct maintenance of the teeth and oral cavity. The major task of a dental hygienist is to help people with tooth care and prevent teeth and gum related problems. I work very closely in conjunction with my Prosthodontist (dental expert in restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry)to maintain our patients oral health.


I am a licensed oral health prevention specialist. I have been a Registered dental hygienist, RDH, for the past 8 years with emphasis on pediatrics dental care, general dentistry and specially maintenance and care of advanced, prosthodontics and implant prosthesis. I can answer questions which are related to general oral hygiene, pediatric oral hygiene and maintenance and care of implant Bourne restorations. Bulk of our prosthodontic practice is dedicated to very complex and expensive treatment. If you have had similar work, I can help you and instruct you in the correct care on educational credentials.

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