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Recently (a few weeks maybe) I have been having extra stinky breath. I've been brushing my teeth as normal. I've been having a foul taste in my mouth as well.

Even after brushing my teeth, my breath smells, and I can "smell" my breath in the back of my throat and into my nose.

Just out of curiosity, I stuck my fingers down my throat then sniffed them... it's like a putrid odor!!! In my throat!!!!

I use sensodyne toothpaste and scope mouth wash.

Why am I having a disgusting odor/taste in my throat and how can I fix it?

Hi Kayla,

My guess is that it is coming from the back part of your tongue.   Pour some scope into the cap of the jar.  Dip your toothbrush into the scope and then use it to brush your tongue thoroughly.  Brush the front of the tongue first and then work your way back.  If that seems to help do the same thing daily.  Try the same thing with a soup spoon facing down on your tongue.  The tongue will adapt to the spoon nicely if you use pressure.  Gargle with the Scope for at least 15 seconds each time also.  It is ok to do it more often.  This should reduce or eliminate the problem.

Larry Burnett DDS

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