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Hey Michelle,

My teeth have been quite yellowish all along, though these are strong and I've never had any major issue. 1 year back, I went for tooth whitening and before that bacteria cleaning. I followed the instructions of the Dentist. I use Sensodyne toothpaste. Now, these have started becoming yellow again. I don't know what to do now. Am I lacking in some crucial food that is essential for healthy teeth? Am I deficient in certain nutrient(s)? What food should I take for oral hygiene and good teeth health? I need to mention that my teeth are still healthy otherwise. My age is 30 years and am 1.85m tall living in New Delhi.

Hi Abhishek,

  The color of your teeth is partly determined by your genetics, thus you are born with a certain color.  Tooth enamel can become discolored by smoking, some medications, drinking carbonated beverages, eating large amounts of sugar, tea and coffee.  Tea and coffee are notorious for tooth discoloration.  Try sipping through a straw to prevent discoloration.  Usually if you are vitamin deficient your mouth will be sore including your tongue and cheeks so I don't think this is your problem.  As long as you have a well rounded diet vitamin deficiency will not affect your teeth color.  Sensodyne toothpaste is used for sensitive teeth not whitening.  Try to use a whitening toothpaste but do not expect miracles- this will only restore your natural whiteness of your enamel.  

   Have your dentist or hygienist perform a professional cleaning twice a year to avoid the presence of plaque or calculus (tartar) on you teeth which can impose a yellowish glow over your teeth.  Many people associate white teeth with healthy but yellow teeth are just as strong as white teeth.  Try to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking- keep a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste at work.  There is a new whitening system out that is specifically designed for "deep whitening," it is called Kor Whitening.  Discuss with your dentist if you are a candidate for this procedure.  

Hope I answered all your questions.

Michele Scurti, RDH  

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