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Hi, I had my tooth repaired a few years back, I think I have a crown. My question is, I have a black mark on the back of it, is this decay or a result of grinding my teeth? If it is from grinding, does it need repairing again? Thanks will

Greetings Will,

I must admit that I don't know what the colored marks on the teeth are.  The only guess that comes to mind is that it looks like the mark left by a piece of carbon like paper that a dentist asks you to bite on to check  where teeth are hitting together.  But that means you would have been to a dentist recently and taken that picture before you had brushed your teeth.  Perhaps you can think of something you did just before the picture that could have made those stains.

My advice to you would be to re-submit your question to the experts site again in the hope that another expert might recognize the problem.  You should include the dental experts list where there are a greater number of expert opinions.

Also I'm curious to know how you got that nice picture of the inside of your mouth.  Did you use a small mirror?  Any chance the stains were actually on the mirror?

I hope you find the answer.  If not, I would suggest that you go have a professional look at it.

Larry Burnett DDS

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