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Dear Doctor,

I have tendency to develop cavities and gum disease. Somehow it runs in the family. My dentist suggested I use Xylitol gum after every meal to keep the level of bacteria down and saliva flow high. It worked great for me for a few years and I have had only one small cavity since then. Unfortunately I have developed a TMJ pain on the left side of my jaw and am unable to chew gum at all. I was wondering if having homemade xylitol candy would be an option for me? Is it as effective as gum since it wont increase saliva flow as much? Please advice.

The main anti decay effect of xylitol is due to the stimulation of your saliva production, not germ killing bacteria.  Therefore any sugarless candy and gum will work about as well as chewing  xylitol gum.  Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste is still your best tool to fight tooth decay.

Larry Burnett DDS

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