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I am contacting you in hope's that you can provide me with encouraging insight. I've noticed some changes with my teeth that I'm very concerned about. I try my best to take good care of my teeth. I brush,floss,use fluoride and calcium rinses,calcium,CO Q10and magnesium supplements for good teeth and gum health. I've noticed that my teeth are becoming transparent not just at the tips but even further. I've also noticed cracks on some of my front teeth. The cracks are not penetrating all the way through but it is a serious cause for concern because I've never noticed them before. I bought a night dental guard to wear while I sleep because I grind my teeth at night. I recently noticed the cracks. What am I doing wrong? I'm doing everything possible to keep my teeth I good shape. Should I be alarmed about the cracks in my teeth? Can cold temperatures such as ice cause cracks in the teeth?

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Hello Teresa,
All of the changes you describe are consistant with the natural process of ageing.  Since I don't know you or your age, I'm guessing that all the symptoms you describe are the result of normal ageing.  You don't seem to be doing anything to harm your teeth or accelerate the process,  I think you can rest easy.  If any of these symptoms continue to bother you, consult a dentist who might see something that I can't identify without seeing you.

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